Another Satisfied Monster Transmission Customer!

Posted by Monster Transmission on 8/6/2012 to Monster Trans News

Another Awesome Monster Transmission Review. If you need a Transfer Case Monster Transmission offers a complete line of   transfer-case's   Check out the Monster Transmission Review below from another satisfied customer.

Grace, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and diligence. I received the transfer case as you said the following day - which was a Thursday. Monster Transmissions really did something other companies would not do - which was very extraordinary. Monster Transmissions sent the corrected replacement case without me having to return the incorrect core or the existing core. The whole procedure was very fast after I contacted MT. I was very surprise that other MT reps were able to step and handle this situation when you where not available. I was able to get my car back on the road with the correct transfer case fast - I mean really fast. It really was received today, installed tomorrow. This could not have been achieved without your diligence. I just want to thank Monster Transmission and especially you for all you have done to iron this kink out.

Thanks again Grace and the reps of Monster Transmissions!



Date 10/4/2016
I have 3 smiles oops 4 smiles on my face 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th gear shifts my new 4l60e level 3 is absolutely awesome and all I can say is EAT MY SHIFT. You want some come SHIFT some with these guys and gals. THANK YOU ERIC AND EVERYONE AT MONSTER TRANSMISSION... You have shifted me into the next gear

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