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AODE/4R70W Torque Converter 1600-1800 Heavy Duty

AODE/4R70W Torque Converter 1600-1800 Heavy Duty

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Street Rage 1600-1800 HD Low Stall AODE Torque Converter : 1.375" Pilot

This Street Rage is a heavy-duty brazed torque converter of 12 7/8" size. The converter will contain
thrust bearings in all major load areas, if appropriate, to add durability and longevity to the unit
in applications including towing, hauling, snow plows, motor homes, and other recreational


Family: Street Rage

Size: 12 7/8"
Bolt Pattern: 11 1/2"
Engine: 5.0L with 1.375" Pilot
Brazed Impeller: YES
Brazed Turbine: YES
Bearings: NO
Washers: 1
Diode Stator: NO
Balloon Plates: N/A

Notes: Unit contains a Lock-up clutch plate. Also available with 10 7/8" bolt pattern.

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