AOD High Performance Race Transmission 2WD Merch Purple
Purple AOD High Performance Race 2WD Transmission - Other Colors Available - Color Shades May Vary

AOD High Performance Race Transmission 2WD Merch Purple

Custom built to handle up to 600hp/550tq, Just say Eat My Shift!

Product Available

Questions? Call Us 800-708-0087

Due to restrictions imposed by Google Merch, there is an ADDITIONAL Core Deposit Required, which will be collected by phone with a Monster Representative.

Every Monster Transmission is custom made to order!  There are many varying components that go in to each and every unit.

Call us at 800-708-0087 to ensure the proper build to suit your needs and application! 

Need more Shift? Get all the shift you need with a SS Monster Transmission Conversion Package!

Invest in a Monster Transmission and make your Opponent "EAT YOUR SHIFT!"

SS Mega Monster Transmissions
Engineered to Dominate, the FORD AOD SS Mega Monster transmission is tough enough to withstand the rigors of even the toughest street machines delivering tire-spinning shifts race after race. It is ideal for vehicles powered by engines producing up to 600 horsepower with a non-nitrous system using pump gasoline. Equipped with a Manual/Automatic valve body, most units allow you to manually shift the vehicle into each gear change or, by placing it in the drive position, remain fully automatic. In either mode, you get a racetrack shift that bangs through the gears giving you all the right to say "Eat My Shift!". When you use the manual gear selection feature, the Mega Monster up-shifts and downshifts when you move the shift lever. When you select the normal drive position, the transmission retains its firm, automatic shifts for the ease of driving you look for in an automatic transmission.

The SS Mega Monster Transmission features: the latest technology in our industry with only the best internal components for increased strength, dependable performance and monster torque capacity. All Monster transmissions are thoroughly inspected, blue printed and tested to ensure that your investment is completely flawless. For the system to operate properly, all throttle linkage, vacuum lines and kick-down components must be connected and adjusted properly.

  • New Gaskets, Seals, O-rings, Teflon rings
  • New Rubber Seals for Drums & Pistons
  • New High Performance Friction Clutches
  • New Steel Friction Plates
  • New Steel Check Balls
  • New Double Lip Seals (Front & Rear)
  • New Bushings & Torrington Bearings
 High Performance Reprogramming Shift Kit
 Super Pump
  • New Teflon coated Pump Bushing
  • Drain back opened
 Intermediate Clutch Pack
 Updated 4 clutch set
 Reverse Input Drum
 HD mechanical diode clutch assembly
 New spiral snap ring 
  • Machined surface for Maximum Band Performance
  • Spun balanced & checked
 Forward Input Clutch Drum
  • Thoroughly checked & inspected Spline, Drum casting
  • Updated to hold more steels and clutches
 Modified Sungear to Increase Rear Planetary Lubrication
 High Performance Series Band
  • High-Temp.Tolerant
  • Improved holding power
 Added strength at Strut Support
 Updated and Modified Low / Reverse Servo Cover
 Direct Clutch Drum
  • Modified and updated
  • Additional clutches and steels
 Modified Overdrive Servo
 New Updated Double Lip 3-4 Accumulator
 Recalibrated Valvebody with Updated TV Valve Assembly
 Recalibrated Valve Plate For Shift Firmness
 New High Flow Filter

*Special Note: If you are planning a direct transmission swap it is recommended to re-use your existing speedometer gear for your new unit. This Monster AOD  Transmission does not come equipped with a new Speedometer Gear. Please Contact Us to purchase a proper speedometer gear for your application.

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