700R4 Speedometer Gear Types

700R4 Speedometer Gear Types


700R4 Transmissions have 3 Speed-o-meter Gear Types: Compare the three photos  to the gear set on your original transmission.

1) VSS = Vehicle Speed Sensor

VSS Drive Gear can be removed.

Place punch behind metal gear and drive gear down shaft (off)

CAREFUL not to damage gear. must reinstall gear on new transmission. hammer gear down shaft until gear covers both holes on output shaft.


To remove the nylon drive gear from original transmission. Depress metal clip and tap nylon gear towards the rear of the output shaft.

- Re-install gear the reverse way on new transmission.

- Install metal clip in the front hole in output shaft,

- Slip drive gear down shaft until clip lock gear into place. Install Driven gear and housing into tail housing.


3) Mechanical = Mechanical Nylon Gear set information set via mechanical cable.

Remove and Install the Gear set as shown.

Drive Gear = Gear on output shaft

Driven Gear = Gear that is installed into Tail Housing.


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