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700R4 Rebuild Kit, SS Mega Monster-In-A-Box: 1985-86
700R4 Rebuild Kit, SS Mega Monster-In-A-Box: 1985-86

700R4 Rebuild Kit, SS Mega Monster-In-A-Box: 1985-86


Rated up to 650hp/600tq, Build your very own Monster using the same parts in our World Famous Transmissions. (A Torque Converter is highly recommended with this kit.)

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Torque Converter (Optional)
Transmission Fluid (Optional)
Technical Manuals (Optional)
700R4 Complete Rebuild DVD [+$25.00]
Pan Style (Optional)
Popular Accessories (Discounted for your transmission package!)
TV / Throttle Cable [+$39.95]
Chrome TV Cable Bracket [+$39.95]
Locking Fillertube & Dipstick [+$35.00]
Universal Transmission Mount [+$19.94]
Trans Cooler Kit #1403 [+$49.95]
Torque Converter Bolts (3) [+$9.99]
Universal Dust Cover [+$25.00]
Slip Yoke Factory 27 Spline [+$119.95]
Heavy Duty Billet Input Shaft/Drum Upgrade Installed (recommended for 396ci-up engines) [+$777.00]
Heavy Duty Billet Drum Upgrade w/o Shaft [+$445.00]
6 Pinion 2.84 Ratio Front Planetary Upgrade [+$650.00]

700R4 SS Mega Monster Complete Transmission Rebuild Kit

Order a "Monster-in-a-Box" and build your own Monster Transmission. Due to high demand, we are now offering complete Monster rebuild kits for our most popular transmissions. Build it yourself and save! Our Monster Rebuild Kits are moderately priced and offer an exceptional value for the performance minded street enthusiast. This 700R4 rebuild kit is rated to 650hp and 600 ft lbs of torque. Everything is included that we use in our transmission, see the list below for details.

SS Mega Monster Rebuild Kit Includes:

 Rear Heavy Duty 5 Pinion Planetary (Planetary Only)
 Front Heavy Duty 5 Pinion Planetary (Planetary Only)
 Chrome Transmission Pan with drain plug
 Lip Seals
 Sealing Rings
 700R4 Corvette 2nd Gear Servo
 700R4 Billet Servo 4th Gear & Cover
 .500 Boost Valve
 High Performance Kolene Steel Kit  (5-low/reverse, 4-Reverse Input, 6- '3-4', 5-Forward, 2-Overrun)
 High Performance Clutch Kit  (5-low/reverse, 4-Reverse Input, 6- '3-4', 5-Forward, 2-Overrun)
 700R4 Filter
 700R4 Wide High Performance Band
 Teflon Pump Bushing
 Delco Front Seal Retainer Clip
 700R4 Superior Shift Reprogramming Kit
 Hardened Pump Rings
 700R4 10 Vane Rotor Gear
 700R4 10 Vane Rotor Guide
 700R4 High Rev Vanes
 700R4 Heavy Duty Throttle Valve Spring
 Heavy Duty Sun Shell
 Heavy Duty 29 Element Sprag
 Heavy Duty Wide Rear Sprag

 (Optional) 700R4 Complete Rebuild Transmission DVD
     108 min. / Filmed in HD / Rated AWESOME!

Satisfied customer with Monster Transmission and just got off the phone with you guys. Helped me out on a pretty big discount for another torque converter because mine went out, but... as long as I get a new one out in my truck, I'll be another happy customer. I had one of your 'Monster In A Box' kits now for a little over a year and a matching torque converter in my truck. I can definitely tell better difference over the OEM stuff. Your customer service is awesome. I don't have any issues, so, another happy customer.
Verified Buyer: 
I ordered a couple of planetaries, ring gear assembly, rebuild kit and sun gear. And just very happy with the service and the products. Thank you. Thank you Monster Transmission.
Verified Buyer: 
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