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700R4 Monster Transmission Mild Remanufactured 2WD
2WD 700R4 Re-Manufactured Mild Monster Transmission

700R4 Monster Transmission Mild Remanufactured 2WD

For 2WD Cars with engines producing up to 275hp/250tq *Not for Truck Applications

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Every Monster Transmission is custom made to order!  There are many varying components that go in to each and every unit.

Call us at 800-708-0087 to ensure the proper build to suit your needs and application! 

Want MORE POWER? Make your friends jealous with a Mega Monster Transmission rated up to 500 HP!

Monster Minion Transmissions

The reliable 700R4 Monster Minion is ideal for vehicles that are powered by engines producing up to 275 horsepower/250tq. The Monster Minion is for unmodified vehicles looking to upgrade to a transmission that will shift better and last longer than the factory model. Equipped with an automatic valve body and a Valve Body Improver Kit, it allows you to achieve a firmer, yet not too harsh shift in the vehicle and remains fully automatic. Monster Minion transmissions retain the stock shift pattern for the ease of driving you look for in an automatic transmission.

The Monster Minion Transmission features: the latest technology in our industry with the best internal components for increased strength, dependable performance and monster torque capacity. All Monster transmissions are thoroughly inspected, blue printed and tested to ensure that your investment is completely flawless. For the system to operate properly, all throttle linkage, vacuum lines and kick-down components must be connected and adjusted properly.

The 700R4 has a 3.06 ratio in first gear, which is 20% lower than most transmissions. The 30% overdrive will give a 30 to 40% increase in gas mileage on the road when compared to a 3-speed transmission.

*Special Note: If you are planning a direct transmission swap it is recommended to re-use your existing speedometer gear. This Monster 700R4 Transmission does not come equipped with a new Speedometer Gear. Please Contact Us to purchase a proper speedometer gear for your application.

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