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700R4 Internal 4th Gear Lock-Up Kit - No 4th Gear Pressure Port
700R4 Internal 4th Gear Lock-Up Kit - No 4th Gear Pressure Port

700R4 Internal 4th Gear Lock-Up Kit - No 4th Gear Pressure Port

This kit will work for a 700-R4 Transmission that does not have a 4th gear pressure port, For units with a 4th pressure port, Use Kit: ELK-700R4. A working wiring harness is required for this kit to work properly

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Does your transmission have a 4th gear pressure port? help
Yes (Use Kit: ELK-700R4)
No (Follow Video Instructions to modify your transmission)
Does your transmission have a working internal harness?
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Switch Housing (+$7.99)

The 700R4 4th Gear Lock-up Kit
This kit will enable the driver to control the operation of the torque converter Lock-up. The switch will allow the driver to turn the lock-up function off during in-town driving and on during high speed/highway driving. When the switch is on the transmission will not engage in to lock-up until the transmission is in 4th gear. The transmission will automatically disengage lock-up switch when it downshifts to 3rd gear and re-engage when the transmission shifts back to 4th gear. This kit is an external wired kit, no need to drop pan for installation.
This kit is used with 700R4 automatic transmissions that do not have a 4th Gear pressure port. It is required to modify the existing working wiring harness to convert the factory lock up circuit to 4th Gear Lock Up.

This does involve adapting the wiring harness in a way that can not be undone. Proceed with caution and if you are an inexperienced mechanic consider having a professional do this for you.

This video is intended for informational and educational purposes only. The video content is not intended as a substitute for professional mechanical advice, diagnosis or repair.

Complete installation instructions are included.

*Lock-up switch housing sold separate.

Use this kit for units that have a 4th gear pressure port: https://www.monstertransmission.com/700R4-External-Lock-Up-Kit_p_4988.html#.XlQLpihKibj

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