4L60E Neutral Safety Switch

Posted by Monster Transmission on 2/11/2014 to Monster Trans News
Monster Transmission Presents Curt in Curt's Corner.
Curt goes over the Neutral Safety Switch on a 4L60E transmission. Curt also gives a tech tip about removing the neutral safety switch without breaking the harnesses plastic housing. At the GM factory, they would put silicone in the terminals to prevent water from getting in. It worked well to keep water out until the switch needed to be removed. Most of the time the plastic housing breaks as the harnesses are pried apart from the switch. Curt's recommendation is too remove the switch from the transmission and leave the wires attached to it. You can use a wrench to loosen it enough for room to get a socket in there. You do not want to reuse a switch that has a broken housing, water will erode the connection and cause problems.
Monster Transmission does sell the neutral safety switch if it gets broken.

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