200-4R Lockup Instructions

200-4R Lockup Instructions

This kit will enable the driver to control the operation of the torque converter Lockup. The switch will allow driver to turn the lockup function off during in-town Driving and on during high speed / highway driving. When the switch is on the transmission will not engage into lockup until your transmission is in 4th gear. The transmission will automatically disengage lockup when it down shifts to 3rd gear and re-engage when your transmission shifts back to 4th gear. This kit is an external wired kit, so there is no need to drop your pan for installation.

The Switch Kit is a 12 volt circuit
The Following parts are supplied in the kit:
  • External oil pressure switch
  • 12 V dash power switch with bracket and switch light
  • 2 mounting screws
  • 21" 18 gauge electrical wire
  • 1 round spade connector
  • 6 female spade connectors
  • 3 inline wire connectors
  • 1 four prong pigtail connector
  • 2 wire connectors
  • 4 tie-straps
  • 1 rubber grommet

  1. Locate available 12v power source on fuse panel, one that has power when vehicle is running ( only)
  2. Locate good Ground location for switch near dash location. mount Power Switch where driver has easy access to switch and switch light is visible.
  3. Route wires to stay clear of moving parts and maintain pedal clearance.
  4. Dash Switch, See figure (A) for wire pin-out location.
  5. Route wire from Dash switch down to Transmission Pressure Switch on right side of transmission behind servo.
  6. Run wire from Pressure Switch to Transmission Connector location A see figure (B) for wire diagram and figure (C) for switch and connector diagram.
  7. Connect Ground wire to case above lockup switch connector.

If you have any questions at all be sure to give us a call at 1-800-708-0087

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