4L60E Transmission Heavy Duty Performance, 1pc Case 2WD
4L60E Heavy Duty Performance, 1pc Case 2WD Transmission

4L60E Transmission Heavy Duty Performance, 1pc Case 2WD

This is an early model 4L60E with a solid bell-housing, rated up to 500hp/450tq, identified by having 4 bolts on the tail-housing

Torque Converter
Shift Firmness
Case Type help
Case Color (shades may vary*)
Pan Style
Neutral Safety Switch
Shift Boss Mount
Core Return Options
White Glove WOWanty Upgrade
Transmission Core Deposit (required up front) help
Refunded once your core is returned & inspected [+$350.00]
Popular Accessories (These have been Discounted for your transmission package!)
12 Qts. of Burn Rubber Brewery Premium Synthetic Trans Fluid [+$149.95]
Locking Fillertube & Dipstick [+$35.00]
Universal Transmission Mount [+$19.95]
Trans Cooler Kit, #1403 [+$49.95]
Torque Converter Bolts (3) [+$9.99]
Slip Yoke, Factory 27 Spline [+$119.95]
Heavy Duty Billet Input Shaft/Drum Upgrade, Installed (recommended for 396ci-up engines) [+$777.00]
6 Pinion 2.84 Gear Ratio Change Front Planetary Upgrade [+$650.00]
Transmission Flush - Dr. Tranny Kooler Kleen [+$19.99]
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