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The Fairest Transmission WOWanty in all the land! And it's just for you!

We take great pride in providing our clients with world-class transmissions. From start to finish your transmission is handled by experienced professionals, beginning with the initial Tear-Down, to the Parts Dept., Build, Testing, Packing, Final Inspection, and Shipping. If you take the same great care for a proper installation, we'll shake your hand and have a winning combination!  


"You Deserve the Best! We appreciate your business and offer you a Transmission WOWanty that contains NO FINE PRINT or FINGER POINTING."

Call Monster Transmission, trusted by experts & enthusiasts around the world! Toll Free 800-708-0087

Here are some helpful tips when considering to buy a transmission:


Always ask to see a copy of a transmission company's warranty before you purchase. Many companies claim to have a great warranty, however when you actually read the fine print you'll  discover that it doesn't cover anything! Make sure the warranty is worth more than the paper its printed on.  Monster Transmission's Warranty contains No Fine Print.


Many transmission builders will automatically put the blame on you or your installer if an issue arises. Here at Monster Transmission we have a strict "No Finger Pointing" Policy. We understand that mistakes can happen, we're all human right?! Our main concern is not so much who caused the problem, but more of what is the solution. We will never give you the finger! Bottom line, we want you to have an amazing transmission that works like a dream.


Contact the WOWanty Dept.

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The Monster Transmission Motto: "We Build More Than Transmissions, We Build Relationships!"