Flash Back Friday - HOW-TO SWAP: TURBO 350 TO 700R4

Posted by Kevin on 5/12/2017 to Monster Trans News 0 Comments

At first, the idea of adding an overdrive feature was novel to hot rodders and enthusiasts, another piece of must-have equipment for the complete car. The original equipment manufacturers were way ahead of hot rodders in this instance, and have been putting them in production vehicles for more than 25 years. See, Detroit actually did learn something from the first of the fuel debacles in 1973. Hence, a ready market for the hop-up guys before there even was a market, corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) notwithstanding. The advent and press coverage of popular over-the-road gatherings such as the Hot Rod Power Tour stressed the importance of this auxiliary gear and in today’s gas–crunch climate overdriven top gears have become mandatory equipment.

Monster Transmission is Gas Monkey Garage Approved

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Monster Transmission and Performance has been providing Gas Monkey Garage with the best possible transmissions for their projects for a little while now. It's safe to say that Gas Monkey has been loves our transmissions in a big, bad way. So much so that this past weekend, Richard Rawlings felt compelled to make a video testimonial to let the world know exactly just how strong and long-lasting a Monster transmission is.

Burt Reynolds & Monster Transmission Teaming Up

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Burt Reynolds is an icon in the automotive industry and is very well known for the hit movie "Smokey and The Bandit" with his 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. Monster Transmission and Performance is known for the legendary performance of their transmissions. So, when the Firebird needed a new transmission, he knew there was no place to go other than Monster Transmission! We are very excited to be teaming up with Burt. So Burt came to the one place he knew he could get exactly what the Trans Am needed to keep dragging the sheriff down the road: Monster Transmission & Performance.

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