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4L65E Transmission Rebuild Kit, Mega Monster-In-A-Box: 1998-02
4L60E/4L65E Transmission Rebuild Kit, Mega Monster-In-A-Box: 1998-02

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4L65E Transmission Rebuild Kit, Mega Monster-In-A-Box: 1998-02

Item Id: MG4L60E-BX02
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MSRP:    $899.00
Monster Savings of:        $200.00
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4L60E Mega Monster Complete Transmission Rebuild Kit
Order a "Monster-in-a-Box" and build your own Monster Transmission. Due to high demand, we are now offering complete Monster rebuild kits for our most popular transmissions. It is ideal for vehicles powered by engines producing up to 500 horsepower (450tq) with a non-nitrous system using pump gasoline. Build it yourself and save! Our Monster Rebuild Kits are moderately priced and offer an exceptional value for the performance minded street enthusiast. Everything is included that we use in our transmission, see the list below for details.

Mega Monster Rebuild Kit Includes:

 Paper Gaskets
 Lip Seals
 Molded Pistons - Quantity - 3
 Sealing Rings
 4L60E Corvette 2nd Gear Servo
 Friction Clutch Plates (5-Low/Reverse, 4-Reverse Input, 5-Forward, 2-Overrun)
 Steel Plates (5-Low/Reverse, 4-Reverse Input, 5-Forward, 2-Overrun)
 3-4 High Performance Kolene Steel Kit - Quantity 6
 3-4 High Performance Clutch Kit - Quantity 6
 4L60E Filter
 4L60E Heavy Duty Band
 Teflon Pump Bushing
 Delco Front Seal Retainer Clip
 4L60E Superior Shift Reprogramming Kit
 Hardened Pump Rings
 4L60E 13 Vane Rotor Gear
 4L60E 13 Vane Rotor Guide
 4L60E 13 Vane High Rev Kit
 Heavy Duty Sun Shell
 Heavy Duty 29 Element Sprag
 Heavy Duty Wide Rear Sprag
New Electronics Included
  1-2 Shift Solenoid
  2-3 Shift Solenoid
  Manifold Switch
  EPC Motor
  3-2 Solenoid
  PWM Solenoid
  TCC Solenoid with Harness


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Monster Transmission, you guys are the greatest. Wyatt was a great help today. I've ordered from you guys in the past, you guys have always been great. Can't wait to do business with you guys again. Thanks.
  Reviewed by:  .
Rating DIYer
Kit was used to repair a Firebird with a broken sun shell and some function issues prior to breaking the sun shell. In addition to the broken sun shell (included in kit)tear down also revealed some burnt frictions and band. Everything in the kit was good quality and corrected all function issues. Transmission is working flawlessly and shifts are very stong. Would buy again.
  Reviewed by:  .
Rating Great kit!
transmission is holding up well and has a nice firm shift, highly recommend this upgrade kit!
  Reviewed by:  .
Rating amazing kit
I have heard about monster transmission from watching powerblock TV. The trans in my 01 suburban lost 3 and 4th gear I decided to rebuild it I jumped on the phone called and orders the mega monster kit it arrived a short time later every thing exactly how they advertised. I have never been inside a transmission before and I got an atsg manual for 4l60 read it cover to cover and proceeded to tear mine down and install the monster kit . everything works flawlessly it shifts amazing I've put 890 miles on it so far without an issue I couldn't be more happy with the service and there package kits monster puts together!! A++ for there quality I'm about to order a second kit for the junk yard transmission I purchased as a stand in till I could finish the monster kit. I've read so many things where people think they can watch a YouTube video and think they can build there own then they post things like its not doing this or that or it makes noises.. I think that's just ubsurd.. Buy and read the service manual from atsg and order your parts or the monster in a box from the pros that know transmissions
  Reviewed by:  .
  Reviewed by:  .
Rating Mr.
All items received and in perfect order. Thanks
  Reviewed by:  .

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